Former Regional Directors of Regional Centre, Kolkata


Dr. Pratip Kumar Chaudhury

01.11.1988 to 28.02.1990


Dr. Ladli Mohan Roychowdhury 

30.06.1990 to 05.07.1991



Dr. Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh 

07.08.1991 to 25.01.2005



Dr. Prabir Kumar Biswas

26.01.2005 to 31.07.2005



Dr. K . Panneerselvam

05.09.2005 to 11.01.2006


Dr. Sujit Kumar Ghosh

12.01.2006 to 21 . 11 .2012



Dr. Kiran Sankar Chakraborty

22.11.2012 to 28.09.2016


Present Regional Director of Regional Centre, Kolkata



Dr. Suresh Kumar Tripathy


27.09.2016 to   ___.___.___



Present Staff at. RC, Kolkata




Works Looking AFTER




Dr. S. K Tripathy




Regional Director



Overall Supervision  of Academic and Administrative activities

Dr. Sujata Dutta Hazarika Deputy Director Term End Exam, Assignment, Certificate, Student Support Service & Entrance Test
Dr. A. K. Behera

Asst. Regional Director

Academic related activities and Admissions, Student Support Service, LSC establishment & supervision, Gyan Vani, Gyan Darshan

Sh. Aloke Kumar Das Asst. Registrar DDO, Finance & Accounts,Gyan Vani & Gyan Darshan (Administrative & finance) & Service Book maintain of all academic employee.
Sh, A. Swarnakar Asst. Registrar General Administration, Outsourcing of Man Power,Store,Ware House,Sale of Forms,RC building & Staff quarters maintenance.Melt Van & Service book maintain of all non academic employee.
Sh. Aruna Kumar Panda P.S. Sr. PS to RD, Maintenance of PG Portal and Online RTI Portal, Extension and renewal of term of LSC staff.
Dr. Manoj Roy V. Section Officer Imprest Bill,TA,DA, LTC, Medical, Honorarium,Tender/Quotation,Purchase, Printing & Publication.

Sh. Debashis Maity


 Imprest Bill/ Share Money,Personal claim, Advertisement,Supervision of Warehouse & Arrangement of Meeting, Seminar

Sh. Saktipada Das


 Admission, Preparation of MMR,Promotion/ Publicity of IGNOU Programmes.

Sh. Prakash Chandra Sinha

A.E. (DP)

Data Entry, Change of RC/SC/PSC/Name/Course/Address and Data Base Maintenance of RC Kolkata

Sh. P.C Dutta SPA Librarian of RC Library, Legal & RTI Matters, Maintenance of Computers, Printers & UPS.

Sh. P.K.



Handling Cash, Finance & Accounts Related work.

Sh. Nirmal Das


Imprest Bill Processing, Sale of Forms, Housekeeping & Maintenance of RC office

Sh. P. Mazumdar


Imprest Bill, Stock, Tender/ Quotation, Service book updation & Fee reimbursement and scholarship.

Sh. Gaurav Kumar JAT Assignment and Practical Project related work, Certificate dispatching,

Sh. M.Adhikary


Photocopying, Filling & Binding in all section, Attending Call of any officials of the RC